Hey! These guys are FUN!

So what is this act? Here's how it evolved...
Starts with 
Did a singer-songwriter/
cover/Irish solo act around here for 20 years until I joined Dick Solberg’s Sun Mountain Band and have done a lot of that for the past 10 years. Dick goes to the Islands every winter. I suggest this to my wife and she laughs in my face...




...same goes for STEPHEN MINNICH, ridiculously versatile lead guitarist, and survivor of 100 bands! (He's in four now). Therefore, we’re available…..





...then we expand to ANDY GORDON.  Technically, Mr. Sobersides (he just looks so professorial) is the banjo player in the Sun Mountain Band and his own Housatonic Philharmonic.  But one day he shows up lugging a pedal steel, remarking that he hasn't done this in awhile, and it turns out he knows his way around that instrument, and can make it sound like C&W or not as he wishes.  Then another time he happens to admit that he was once in a band where for ten years he didn't play anything but bass.....   

Gloriosky, that was written awhile back. Tellya what, go over the yellow box and click on "Catalog Description of the Band" and get a picture of things only five years ago.


Call, write, or D'Asaro
(518) 827-4442
482 Anderson Road
Middleburgh, NY 12122

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...suddenly it's a viable trio.
  We can switch from folk to rock
by passing the bass behind Dennis's back. 

.....but WAIT!  .....there's CLICK HERE  

Have Fun

Original songs, Irish music, 50s Country, 60s Pop, 70s ballads, Blues, Beatles, Dylan, Byrds, Stones, Lehrer; the odd Turk Murphy Dixieland number, little rockabilly, a couple Jimi Hendrix tunes, and were starting to fly some Celtic rock.

Pretty hip, but not hip enough to rap.
No Britney! (The costumes are too chilly).
Too old, dignified and untalented to moonwalk.


Ohh----the name.
Sallie D'Asaro pulled that line from "Memphis Blues Again," which named the album,
which named the band.