We don't wanna say Shakespeare is "whoever shows up that night," but we are in fact a very flexible and versatile group of musician entertainers.  The core of the group is the trio/quartet.  We carry the essence of the music you hear on the CDs.

We can add a drummer.
We can also provide a duo.
Dennis can be induced to play solo.

And if you want to have live what you hear on the Irish CD, we can do that --- you just gotta hire seven or eight of us, actually comprising two bands [Shakespeare and Andy's other band, The Housatonic Philharmonic] and we wish you would!

So........can we really play festivals, concerts, coffee houses, liberal lawn parties, Republican dinners, cabaret, wallpaper music, ....Beatles, Irish, rockabilly, rock, folk-rock, bluegrass, dixieland, country, Hendrix, standards, originals, your wedding, your high school reunion, and the bluuuuuuuze?


Is it 'cause we're schlock musicians?
Nope.  Just we've all done this for donkey's years.

Is it 'cause we got no soul and no identity? 
Nope.  We all got identities.  You want to hire us to play our identites, you'll get an earful.  But if you have a specific job you want done, we are also professional craftsmen. 

(We like to WORK).

Remember, our eye-deel is Michealangelo, whose actual passion was doing small watercolors of spring flowers, but who is remembered for all that other stuff he did "for the paycheck."



Just ask!