Red Sneaker
Dennis D'Asaro






E                                     *(see diagram)
LeRoy comes in around nine in the morning

        B                                           A
And sweeps up the butts off the floor

         G#m           C#7                     A                  B
He’s just gettin’ paunchy, lookin’ red-eyed an’ raunchy

         A                                           B
On a binge from the weekend before

LeRoy drops the broom, draws a short one, takes a look
In the mirror back of the bar
He combs back the stray ones and smiles off the gray ones
He ain’t got that many so far


          A                                       E
          LeRoy moved out to the country

          A                    E               A.........B
          ‘Way back in Sugar Eye Falls

                   C#m            A                       E                          Bm
          He’s workin’ too hard, dreamin’ dreams about the big time

                       A               B                 E
          An’ he ain’t goin’ nowhere at all


LeRoy had a band in the city
And he gave every bit of his heart
But no one else seemed to care about gettin’ anywhere
And the boys kinda drifted apart

 LeRoy found a place, bought a pickup, dug a garden
And he fixed up the house in the spring
But them slow peaceful times, they just weighed on his mind
Sometimes he’d stare, not seein’ a thing


 LeRoy throws darts with a bunch of the boys
Laughin’ from under his hat
Serves a special on gin, tells a joke and throws again
Slips out for a toke ‘round the back 

LeRoy sits with Eve, she puts her arm around his shoulders
She’s in love but she only gets part
She’s got a nice touch, she don’t ask for too much
And she beats out all the dents in his heart 

LeRoy burns his candle at both ends and the middle
But he faces his life without fear
He’s lookin’ for a band, and a rock where he can stand
Just busted thirty last year 


The offer comes down every  season
To take his guitar off the shelf
But he says, “That old road life, you know it ain’t no life”
And he keeps his true thoughts to himself 

Got a voice like a rusted-out angel
It would just break your heart when he sings
He’s like a good-hearted plowboy, like a broken-down cowboy
And like a whole lot of hard-to-find things 


LeRoy picks a tune down in the kitchen
Eve’s waitin’ upstairs in bed
An’ just before sunrise he closes those hazel eyes
On the visions so clean in his head 



          A                B               A              B                 E.......AB..E....AB..E....ABE
          Ain’t goin’ nowhere....................nowhere at all

Copyright © 1980, 2004 by Dennis D'Asaro